Rules for The Thing From Nigel VII

Pocket Edition


Find the Control Panel Room tile and place it in the center of the playing surface. Place the Exit and Air Duct tiles off to the side.

Shuffle the remaining rooms and form a 3×3 grid around the Control Room. Place the Exit red side (locked) up on the end of one center rows or columns. Place the Air Duct opposite from the Exit. The board should come out looking like this:

Distribute the Identity Cards according to the number of players:

  • For a 3-player game: pull 6 Human cards and 1 Alien card out of the Identity deck.
  • For a 4-player game: Pull 7 Human cards and 1 Alien card from the Identity deck.
  • For a 5-player game: Pull 8 Human cards and 2 Alien cards from the Identity deck.
  • For a 6-player game: Pull all the cards from the Identity deck.

How to play:

Each turn, the active player chooses to move or roll the dice.

Players cannot move through solid walls, only through doorways that exist next to each other, when directed to move to an adjacent room.

If you roll the dice, take all three six-sided dice and toll them.  Check the result against your player reference card to see what action to take.

If you move into a room with either the Key or the Repair Sequence, you may pick it up. Place the card in front of you, where all players can see it.

If you end your turn in the same room as another player, choose a player in the same room. Each of you chooses one of your Identity cards and trades it with the other. This represents the awkward 1950’s ritual of shaking hands with everyone. Announce this by saying to the person you’re trading with “Hello hooman!”

The player with the Key must move to the space next to the Exit in order to unlock it. Flip over the Exit tile to show this. Another movement is required to exit the ship.

Any player with the Hyperdrive Repair Sequence that moves through the Exit drops it in the room before leaving. The Exit remains open for the remainder of the game. Players who exit the game are no longer active players.