The Thing From Nigel VII

Imagine if you will, life in the small town of Blackpine, Washington in the year 1954. The scent of hot apple pies waft from windowsills and the quarterback hero is holding hands with the head cheerleader on a red and white checkered blanket overlooking the town under a moonlit night. Professor Burntfarthing looks through his telescope at a what appears to be a meteor flickering in and out of existence with a trajectory that could land it just outside town.

Meanwhile, aboard a small alien spaceship, alarms are going off as the Hyperdrive has malfunctioned and the parts of the ship are slipping in and out of Hyperspace. Their reconnaissance mission is going horribly wrong, and the aliens might not be able to capture local specimens and bring them back to Nigel VII.

The Thing From Nigel VII is a puzzle and a game of deception smashed together with a liberal sprinkling of 1950’s horror flick. Players take the roles of citizens of Blackpine that were teleported into the ship as it crash-landed to earth and are trying to escape from the shifting spacecraft. The twist? Some of the locals have been taken over by the Nigelite Symbiote, and are working against the rest of the humans to take specimens back to Nigel VII.

Will the humans escape, or will the aliens repair the hyperdrive and return to their homeworld? Find out in…



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